Homeschool Historical Ball

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What Shall I Wear?

The attire for this spectacular evening is where the fun begins. Historical costumes from medieval to the 1900s are encouraged, though not required. This year's theme is Sock Hop, so feel free to plan your costumes accordingly. Whatever you wear, be sure you can freely move in it as the dancing can sometimes be a bit vigorous. For the ladies, we ask that you give special attention to the modesty of your gown. No strapless, please. For the men, formal attire (tuxedo, three-piece, suit and tie, etc.) or period costume, but make sure jackets especially are loose enough to have full range of motion.

Who Can Come?

In the spirit of the homeschool ethos, we encourage attendees to bring as much of their family as possible. Homeschooled high schoolers and their families, as well as homeschool alumni are invited.

How much will it cost me?

We realize that homeschool families are often large and our fee schedule is structured accordingly: $15 per person, $75 cap per family, guests also pay $15 and do not count toward the cap. Grandparents may attend for only $5. A late fee of $3 per person will apply to any registrations received after Saturday, March 10th, and the family cap will increase to $90. Registration closes on Saturday, March 17th. If you are unable to register before the event, you are still welcome to join us but will need to pay $20 per person when you arrive. We encourage you to register in advance so we can plan the evening accordingly.

What is this English Country Dancing of which you speak?

English Country Dancing may not be familiar to everyone. It has been around for over three hundred years and is accessible to all ages. There will be an experienced caller to guide you through all the moves, teaching you all the steps before you dance them to live music. If you can walk, you can dance!

Note to Gentlemen: Asking a girl to dance does not involve commitment beyond the duration of the dance. Partners switch after each dance and we encourage you to try to dance with everyone in the room. Guys, if you see a lady sitting out who looks like she wishes to dance, ask her even if you don't know her name.

Every time a new dance starts simply put out your hand, walk up to a girl and say, "Would you like to dance?" Simple as that! You are not asking to marry her, or for a date. You are just asking her to dance. It is far more awkward for a girl to stand around not getting asked, than for you to ask her, so just put out your hand and ask. Let's make dance history. Leave no girl behind!

Note to Ladies: When a guy comes up and asks for a dance, it's only a dance. Also keep in mind that it is rude and hurtful to refuse a dance request from someone and then to accept one from someone else. If you refuse, only do so if you are sitting out for that dance. Be gracious and let's have a lot of fun! Don't sit in the corner by yourself and wait for someone to find you and ask you for a dance. Stand up, walk around, make eye contact with people that appear to be looking for a partner. Don't create a huddle with a bunch of other girls if you wish to dance. If no one else asks you, find another girl that's sitting out and dance together!

Will dinner be provided?

A full meal will not be served, but we will provide a variety of both nourishing and dessert type foods to sustain you throughout the course of the evening, as well as plentiful water and punch.

Where will this splendid evening be held?

The 2018 ball will be held from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at Sharon Presbyterian Church, 5201 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210.

For more information, if you have any further questions, or if you would like to receive an invitation in the mail please send an email with your address to .